Last Judgement

This is a Flemish Masterpiece


Pieter Pourbus

Period and date

16de eeuw


The Last Judgement by Pieter Pourbus was commissioned by the Alderman’s Chamber of the Brugse Vrije (the Liberty of Bruges), an independent castellany located around Bruges, with its seat at the Burg in Bruges. Justice was administered in this chamber. The painting served as an exemplum iustitiae, a reminder for the judges to be fair-minded. After all, as the Last Judgement shows, everyone, including the judges, will stand trial at the End of Time. A painting by Gillis van Tilborgh from 1656 portrays a court session at this location. Pourbus’s work is clearly recognizable on the left. It faces a sculpted fireplace with Charles V (on the right in the painting) at the centre, who is almost stepping out of his wooden frame into the room and thus features prominently. He is surrounded by his ancestors. These figures are part of an intricate iconographic scheme that emphasizes that Charles is the only true sovereign of the Brugse Vrije and that the judges administer justice in his name. Not only does God follow the judges’ actions, but the emperor is watching too.


datering en monogram (links onderaan): 1551 / P . [] . P
kenspreuk (rechts bovenaan): CREDE VNOM DEVM / DELIG[E]S FRAT[R]ES TVOS.
geheel, height: 229 cm
geheel, width: 180.5 cm
met lijst, height: 263.5 cm
met lijst, width: 218.5 cm
met lijst, depth: 15 cm
met lijst, gewicht: 112.1 kg
zonder lijst, depth: 2 cm


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